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I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!

We here at Beer Brain Trivia had gone too long without a movie clip round! Shame on us! I’m not going to take this anymore. We should know that general knowledge is built on the backs of movies. Trivia buffs watch movies just as often as we read books. Right?

Well, we stepped out of the Dark Ages and into the 21st century of trivia on Tuesday at Norton’s. Our 2nd Half Mystery round consisted of 4 famous (or, at least, semi-recognizable) audio clips of movie speeches. Teams were asked to name the movie and the actor. Would you have been able to come up with these:

Peter Finch in “Network”
James Earl Jones in “Field of Dreams”
Michael Douglas in “Wall Street”

and my favorite…
Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting”


It was a fun round and a lot of the teams seemed to like it, so be on the lookout for more movie clips coming in the very near future!

As far as the rest of the game went, it was business as usual. Lots of drinking and revelry with a little bit of trivia mixed in as well. A BIG shoutout is due to the guys from Texas Garage Floors and to Team Sunday Funday! Hopefully we’ll see y’all again very soon!

In the end, Serendipity took home 9 points (again) and is building quite a comfortable lead in the Summer version of the Beer Brain Cup at Norton’s. The Steamers rolled on to another finish in the money, this time in the not-too-shabby spot of 2nd place. Mark (of NCAA) shed his Marky Mark persona and gave us his best Joe Cocker impersonation. “With a little help from his friends”, he was able to take home 3rd place, along with $10 house cash and a few Cup points.

The trivia continues next week. Tuesday night at 7 o’clock. Be there or be lame.
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What’s the difference between Jelly and Jam?

Lumpy lump here…and you’ll have to Google it if you want to know! The FCC is after me for reading the answer over the PA after a particularly loud and rowdy night of Trivia at Norton’s on Tuesday night. But ya know what? That’s how we dooos it! Yeah…I said dooos. I’m going to try to make that catch on and would appreciate your help in perpetuating it in the modern vernacular.

Plus, DJ Jazzy Jiggity Joshity Joshua Jamstein threatened to quit on the spot if I violated the moral code of conduct again. What a party pooper! I think everyone should use as much foul language as possible around him this Tuesday night! :-)

Congrats to the top three teams..see them in all their glory below and all the rest of the pics below!

1st Place - Serendipity

2nd Place - The Village Idiots

3rd Place - Cleveland Steamers













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They Came and Took It!

(The headline basically writes itself.)

After 12 long weeks of competition and a near-perfect night by all teams, it came down to a single Overtime question!

Rum Cruise held the lead going down to the wire, only missing 8 of a possible 168 points all night. Serendipity was close behind in second. Both teams decided to risk little to no points on the Overtime question, feeling a little unsure about their 80′s television shows.

However, Come and Take It was 20 points out of first and to go for broke. They risked it all and put the programs in correct order. For winning, they took home the Beer Brain Cup, free refills for the summer, and $150 in cash!

Finishing in the money was Slumdog Thousandaire and The Village Idiots, taking home $25 and %10 gift certificates.

Next week, we will start the qualifying for the Summer Beer Brain Cup at Norton’s Pub. I can already smell the revenge in the air. We also have TWO NEW SHOWS starting on Wednesday night. Josh will be at Nico’s in Kingwood and Stephen will kick off the show at The Yacht at Concert Pub North! We hope to see you there!

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If Aesop Wrote a Fable About Trivia…

…the moral of the story would be to wager wisely.

Safe wagers reigned supreme Tuesday night at Norton’s Pub. A doozy of an Overtime question was merciless and only those willing to risk nothing came out on top.

Put these events in chronological order, starting with the earliest:

On the island of Chappaquiddick, Mass., a young woman dies in an automobile accident involving Ted Kennedy.
The Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl I.
Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the surface of the moon.
George C. Scott declines the Best Actor Oscar which he won for his role in Patton.

After it was all said and done, Serendipity and NCAA came out on top. The Village Idiots rounded out the money teams.

serendipity 158
ncaa 132
village idiots 121
steamers 116
beginners luck 78
speechies 73
come and take it 68
top drive 66
rum cruise 61

Tuesday also marked the end of qualifying for the Beer Brain Cup. Twelve weeks of competition gave us the three teams that will be competing for the Beer Brain Cup, $150 cash, and free Fireman’s #4 for the summer! COME AND TAKE IT, RUM CRUISE, and SERENDIPITY will be going head-to-head-to-head for the the spoils! Good luck to all!

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And Down The Stretch They Come!

As we enter the LAST Qualifying Week for this quarter’s Beer Brain Cup at Norton’s Pub, the stakes could never be higher!

Last Tuesday, both the “Come and Take It” and “Serendipity” teams jumped an idle “Rum Cruise” with 1st and 2nd place finishes, respectively. The good news for Rum Cruise is that they are still holding on to the ever-so-important 3rd spot in the Beer Brain Cup standings.

Could a charging “Village Idiots” slide into the last spot? Will Serendipity or Come and Take It win the bragging rights of winning the “regular season” championship? Can NCAA or the Steamers play spoiler?

Who will be the three teams competing for a three-month’s supply of Fireman’s #4?

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion! THIS Tuesday at 7pm!

3rd Place - Village Idiots

2nd Place - Serendipity

1st Place - Come and Take It












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Roman Numerals, Oxen and hot Cousin-Lovin

Those are the three things that come to mind when I think about last Tuesday’s show at Norton’s Pub.  There were two questions surrounding Roman Numerals. If you got the first, you had some help on the second.

Then there was that damn question about Oxen, brethren and…children. But what about women, heathen and so many others…? I don’t know. You had to be there.

I’ve already posted the full gallery HERE on our website and on facebook…but check out your Top Three teams below!!!

1st Place - Serendipity

2nd Place - Come and Take It!

2nd Place - Come and Take It!

3rd Place - The Village Idiots!













See you all tonight for our May 17 quiz…good luck!!!

Lumpy, aka Lump Diggity Dogg

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It Smelled Like Teen Spirit

Results Blog for Tuesday Night Trivia – Norton’s Pub 4/19/11

Ten, count ‘em, TEN teams earned points in week 3 of the Beer Brain Cup Spring Championship for Spring 2011. That’s fairly remarkable, no? Also remarkable, was yours truly back on the MIC. At least, until we got to the Monopoly question.

How many spaces are there on a standard Monopoly board?

I was challenged by several, including our very own DJ Jazzy Josh, aka One-Man Wolfpack. In the end, I was right and everyone else was a little less right. But hey, that’s what makes it so much fun and at the very least, I know everyone A) is paying attention and B) cares! :-)

The competition itself was terrific. A giant fell, the all-Texas Alamo-themed team almost re-wrote history and we still don’t know their names, but we know it’s Not Bob. To see the full recap and pics of our Top Three teams, check under the fold!

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Women, Cigarettes, and the 7 Deadly Sins

Sounds like the makings of one heck of a party!

And, boy howdy, was it ever! Trivia at Norton’s Pub entered a whole new realm of revelry Tuesday night. The place was packed, the beer was flowing, and the competition has never been stiffer! ( < --- that's what SHE said!) BBT also kicked off the qualifying for its first ever Beer Brain Cup, the only trivia championship (soon to be Tournament!) of its kind here in Houston!

Like always, the teams faced a myriad of trivia categories, including "Famous Women" on the 1st Half Mystery Question. Do you know why Sally Ride is famous? What about Clara Barton? Frances Perkins? Lots of important ladies in those history books. It's always good to be reminded of them every now and then.

So, how did our teams fare? Find out, under the fold! :-)
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What would the Funky Bunch have been without Marky Mark?

I would say that it would have been just a really lame hip-hop group in the early 90′s, but I am not quite sure Mark Wahlberg did anything to change that.

Well, we know that Team No Clue At All (NCAA) missed their Marky Mark on Tuesday night.  Despite their “good vibrations”, they were unable to defend their title. The team ended up in 2nd place after a competitive night of trivia at Norton’s.

2nd Place – No Clue At All (NCAA)

Even Mark-less, they had a solid game all around and even got this linked Overtime question:

Who was appointed by President Bush to be the US Ambassador to the United Nations on August 1, 2005?

What is the FIRST name of the late-night talk show host and author of the memoir “My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands”?

While incarcerated in 1963, Martin Luther King wrote a now famous letter from THIS jail?

I was looking for a pretty specific link to the respective answers (Bolton, Chelsea, Birmingham)…They are all clubs in this year’s English Premier League. That’s soccer…for those Americans that forget that’s a real sport sometimes.

Speaking of the OT question, we had a new caveat added this week. Wagering BEFORE the question is asked. If you like it how it went, let us know. If you don’t, let us know that too. That’s what sets us here at BBT apart. We can do anything you guys want. This is YOUR trivia experience.

Okay…back to the recap. Among the teams that were stumped, were the Village Idiots. They fell just behind The Funky Bunch (I mean, NCAA) in third place. I was told to steer away from soccer and hockey. Apparently, those are their weaknesses. As a trivia jockey whose job it is to challenge y’alls trivia skills, I don’t know whether or not I should use this information against them. Hmm….an entire round of hockey questions next week, anyone?

3rd Place – The Village Idiots

However, the team that was just simply on fire this week was The Master Debaters & The Cunning Linguists (aka Serendipity). The name change was due to Ken’s absence this week. But Phil and the rest of the team didn’t miss a beat. They picked up the slack and showed everyone how it’s done. And they made sure we all knew it. Go ahead and celebrate the well-deserved win this week, guys. However, just ask NCAA. Winning back-to-back is much easier said than done!

1st Place – Master Debaters & Cunning Linguists

A big shoutout goes to the Red Sox Ringers! This was their 2nd time playing with Beer Brain (first at Norton’s). It was good having you guys out!

Here is how things finished up:

The Master Debaters & Cunning Linguists 193

NCAA 146

The Village Idiots 116

Cleveland Steamers 104

Red Sox Ringers 97

Duh Nuh Nuh 82

Come and Take It 70

And, as always, I will leave you with a lookback at a few of the questions from the show:

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama resigned his position as the leader of this region’s government-in-exile on March 14th.

Which Tennessee Williams play was turned into a 1958 movie featuring Elizabeth Taylor?

There are FOUR men with the initials “LB” mentioned in the REM song “It’s The End of The World As We Know It”. Can you name them?

What material is named after a French phrase meaning “cloth of the king”?

Speleology is the study of what?

You can see the rest of the Photos from this night HERE!

That’s enough from me. I’m Audi 5000.

-DJ Jiggity Jazzy Joshter, artist formerly known as DJ Jazzy Josh

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Beer Brain Trivia gonna set my soul…

…gonna set my soul on fire!

They’ve called themselves “Unflinching Afrocentrism”, “Misinformed Malevolence”, among other team names with “25-cent words”. But, on Tuesday night, they kept it simple and found a winner. Playing under the name “No Clue At All” (NCAA…for those who missed it), the guys took out the rest of the field with an impressive show of trivia prowess.

1st Place – No Clue At All (NCAA)

They only missed two questions all night and nailed this last linked Overtime question:

The ballpark where the Tampa Bay Rays play is named after this large corporate sponsor?

A phenomenon in which rays of light are bent, producing the displaced image of a distant object is commonly known as what?

The characters in this 1883 novel include Jim Hawkins, Dr. Livesey, and Long John Silver.

“Tropicana”, “Mirage”, “Treasure Island”…all three hotel casinos on the Vegas Strip!

But, it was not all smooth sailing for the NCAA team. In fact, they were tied up with Team Serendipity who also aced the Overtime question!

2nd Place – Serendipity

The two teams went into Double Overtime with this closest-to-the-answer style question:

In miles, how long is the Yangtze River, the longest river in Asia?

No Clue At All guessed within 100 of the correct answer, 3917 miles! They took home $50 in house cash. $25 went to Serendipity, who are already plotting revenge for next week. Watch out, NCAA! They’re gunning for y’all!

And so are The Village Idiots, who ended up in third this week. They played with a split squad for some of the game. Looking to be at full strength next week, they’ll be back with a vengeance!

3rd Place – The Village Idiots

Alright that’s it from me.  I’ll leave you with a few of the questions from the show and the rest of the pics from that night.

-Josh aka DJ Jazzy Josh

Which is the only marsupial that is native to North America?

Known in the Soviet Union as the “Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart”, what was the more common name given to this construction by those of us in the US?

During the process of fertilization, two of THIS type of cell (one from the male and the other from the female), join together to form a zygote.

Dating back to 1500 B.C., what classical Indo-European language is still used as the primary sacred language of both the Hindu and Buddhist faiths?

The Virginia Plan proposed a legislature that based each state’s representaion on its population. The New Jersey Plan wanted a Congress giving equal representation to each state. Which state’s “Compromise” took parts from both plans, giving us our current two-house legislature?

Check out the complete photo gallery HERE!

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