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“This is Tomball, Not Harvard”

That quote, spoken to me by a downtrodden member of one of the teams playing last Tuesday, speaks to how challenging last week’s quiz was. No, Tomball isn’t Harvard, and thank goodness for that, because I’m fairly certain that Harvard doesn’t have Beer Brain Trivia and Clucker’s Wing Bar and Grill.

There was a hole Quarter’s worth of Name questions, a fair amount of History, and a sprinkling of Pop-Culture questions throughout the show, but it was the two Presidential questions that did most teams in, including a tricky overtime question:

How many US Presidents served in the 1960′s, and who were those Presidents?

Answers at the bottom of this post

Long time Beer Brains The Village Idiots took first place, Tiger Trivia Team took 2nd place for the 2nd week in a row, and newcomers to Beer Brain Trivia TJ & Hookers Inc (my winners for the best team name of the night) came in 3rd place. Remember, all teams who played last Tuesday earned themselves points towards the Beer Brain Cup, which pays $150 cash and the right to free beer refills for the cup holder during trivia for the entirety of the next tournament.

Be sure to come out for some more awesome trivia competition tonight at 7 pm, and check out pictures from last week down below.

Answer: 4; Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon

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Last Tuesday saw the inaugural Beer Brain Trivia show at JJ’s Cluckers Wing Bar and Grill, and boy was it a good one. Great food, great beer, and great trivia all seemed to somehow play second fiddle to the great people that came out to play.

Competition was stiff between the DILLIGAF, Tiger Trivia Team, and JC, who all played from the beginning of the game. Things got really interesting as the show progressed and 3 more joined the fracas. Team Stop, Team Crush, and Coup d’etat Catholics all managed to rack up points, gaining ground on the others despite joining in the 2nd half. In the end, JC came out on top after a conservative wager on a very challenging overtime question, taking home a $50 gift certificate. Tiger Trivia raked in second place and $25, and DILLIGAF landed in 3rd place, receiving $10 to JJ’s Cluckers.

Remember teams, everybody who played Tuesday earned points in our quarterly Beer Brain Cup tournament. At the end of the tournament, the 3 teams with the most points in the Cup will go on to play in a final round, winner take all game to decide the winner of the Beer Brain Cup (an actual trophy-style cup) which earns you free beer refills for the holder for the entirety of the next tournament, 150 dollars cold hard cash, and the respect and prestige that goes along with being a Beer Brain Cup Champion. You can check where you stand in the Cup HERE.

It was great to see everybody out and having fun last week, and we look forward to seeing you all again. Check out pictures below and on facebook.

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