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Beer Brain Cup

What is the ‘Beer Brain Cup’?

The Beer Brain Cup is what we call our championship competition that takes place quarterly – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.  The team that wins the Beer Brain Cup will be the TOP team for the quarter.  The Beer Brain Cup is also literally a cup of sorts. More of a mug or stein…but we’ll talk more about that below when we get into what’s at stake!

How does it work?

Teams compete weekly for prizes, which vary by location. Each team that completes a weekly competition earns 1 CUP POINT. Teams that place 1st, 2nd and 3rd will earn 6, 4 and 2 CUP POINTS, respectively.  The top three teams with the most CUP POINTS will compete during the last week of the Quarter for the title of Beer Brain Cup Champions!

What’s at stake?

Well, bragging rights for one. Have you been to a bar with a loyal Trivia Night following? It can get very competitive – and we love it! As if that weren’t enough, teams will also be competing for $150 in cash! This is in addition to the regular prizes that teams compete for and win each week. But the REAL prize is, well…it’s the Beer Brain Cup itself! The winning team will receive an engraved mug which will serve as a trophy.  It will also grant the bearer unlimited refills of beer during Live Team Trivia every week for the entire next quarter’s competition!*

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*Participating establishments only!